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Producer and TV Host, Assoc. Prof. Görkem İldaş has been hosting education institutions, primarily universities, on her TV programs for 15 years. Her shows succeeded in ranking in top 100 in ratings as the first TV show on education and were voted to award many times by university students.

İldaş continues her shows at the national TV channel, Habertürk with 'Yolun Başındayken.' is a comprehensive source that offers the most up-to-date news on education, information on universities, departments, columns penned by experts, teachers, and students, and softwares that enable university candidates to calculate their exam scores, list the universities they can prefer and compare universities.

About Assoc Prof Görkem İldaş

Born in Ankara. İldaş started presenting radio shows at Anadolu University in which she attended for undergraduate studies. After graduation, she presented radio shows in Numberone FM and Radio D. In 2003, she attended workshops about her field of expertise in the United Kingdom. Since 2008 she has been working as the producer and TV host of programs on youth and education. The TV show, named Üniversite Medya that brought academics and young students together was broadcasted between 2008-2014 on Skytürk, Habertürk and Show TV. Since 2015, İldaş has been continuing her TV programs with Yolun Başındayken on Habertürk. High school students who prepare for university entrance exams, their parents, university students, those who intend a change in their career, education experts, university presidents and academics meet in this program.

Görkem İldaş who did her master’s in Public Relations and Publicity at İstanbul University completed her PhD in the same program at the same university. She lectured the course “Media and Society” in Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ), “TV programming” in Cinema and TV Department at Işık University and “Persuasive Communication” in Public Relations and Adv Dep. at İstinye University. In addition to academic publications, Görkem İldaş has a book called “Yolun Başındayken” that includes interviews conducted with people who are pioneer figures in their fields about their youth and university life. Moreover, İldaş gives seminars about her field of expertise and has been attending national and international organizations as moderator.